Welcome to Living Lessons

The curriculum will teach a strong overview of the entire Torah over 5 years (4th - 8th grade) by using the mitzvos as a framework. Each year, students will learn approximately 120 Mitzvos, and the curriculum will adjust in content, language and design to suit the target age level.


While every school is, and should be, constantly challenged to “squeeze” in everything they want to teach into the dismally limited time resource, you will find that this curriculum will be a tremendous asset, as it can change the approach of the teachers and students to the entire learning process.

Based on research and consultation with experienced and knowledgeable mechanchim, we have selected certain elements from different models and methods and applied them to a Torah subject.

The Torah is endless, and careful thought has gone into selecting what information to include due to the realities of lesson time constraints.

The Teacher’s Guide is a “wraparound” guide accompanying each Student’s Textbook. It is to prepare for the lesson, and to use during the lesson as an aid.


Each student textbook has an accompanying full-color workbook. The workbooks are packed with games, activities, review questions and more.