About Living Lessons

Living Lessons is a grass-roots effort to create high-quality Torah learning materials for children. Benefiting from the latest educational methods, and without compromising our rich Mesorah, a group of dedicated individuals have undertaken the monumental task of preparing materials to make Torah engaging, meaningful and exciting to learn and teach.

Our name says it all – Living Lessons empowers our children to bring the lessons of the Torah to life.

The first result of the this effort is the state-of-the-art Yahadus curriculum, designed by a team of Mechanchim and Mechanchos, Rabbonim, researchers, writers, designers, parents, and children.

Following the success of the Yahadus series, Living Lessons created a series of products that will revolutionize the way youth (and adults!) can connect with some of our classic texts: a unique Siddur, Haggadah and Pirkei Avos.

Other exciting projects are underway. Stay tuned for updates!

Yahadus Curriculum Overview

Living Lessons’ flagship Yahadus curriculum gives a strong overview of the entire Torah using the mitzvos as a framework.

Each year for five years, students learn approximately 120 Mitzvos, with the curriculum adjusting in content, language and design to suit the target age level.

Using the Rambam’s subject-based listing of the mitzvos organizes the information into a logical, sequential order. This makes it easier  to connect to and retain the information.

The curriculum starts in fourth grade with the mitzvos of Sefer Madda, and ends with Sefer Shoftim in eighth grade. There is one student textbook for each year. Four volumes are now available, with the fifth and final volume coming soon b’ezras Hashem. The textbooks are sturdy and designed to last for a number of years by the students in each grade.

Each student textbook is accompanied by a two-part Teacher’s Guide, as well as a workbook with activities for the students to use.