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Yahadus Set (5 Volumes)

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The complete set of the Yahadus Curriculum textbooks.

Comprehensive curriculum covering every one of the 613 mitzvos in the Torah.

Mitzvah Details • Life Lessons  • History • Selected Halachos • Stories
Biographies & much more!

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Torah and Mitzvos are our life! Yet, the Torah and mitzvos that most of us are familiar with—kashrus, Yamim Tovim, davening, the Aseres Hadibros, etc.—are just a small fraction of the Torah. There are many more mitzvos that we unfortunately cannot fulfill today practically, and many people are very unfamiliar with them. However, those mitzvos are still part of Hashem’s Torah—His wisdom and instructions to us. Every single mitzvah contains important and relevant lessons that we can use every day, even, and especially, today.
The Yahadus series presents a comprehensive overview of the entire Torah, using the 613 Mitzvos as a framework. It is designed and written with the goal of making every part of Torah engaging, meaningful and exciting to learn. Each “unit” focuses on one topic and contains the details of the mitzvos, reasons and life messages we can learn from them, tidbits, stories, biographies and much more!

!עֵץ חַיִים הִיא לַמַחֲזִיקִים בָּה וְתֹמְכֶיהָ מְאֻשָר
Learn it!   Keep it!   Live it!

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